Renée van der Putten comes from a family of artists. Originally from Holland, she spent her formative years
in France near Paris before moving to Canada. Her interest in art started early and never stopped.
A combination of poetic sensibility, interest in symbolism and exploration of different art media
converge to inspire and guide her. She has been practicing Zen and Tai Chi for many years and is an instructor.
Opening to silence and letting energy flow towards spontaneous movement led to a series of gilded
paintings. She uses acrylics and metal foil techniques and employs textures to give the pieces
a visible three dimensional effect. Recent experiments in casein paints adds a velvety quality to realistic
subjects. Renée invites the viewer to interpret the image, with an invitation to embrace a state
of openeness and calm.

Renée after living in Quebec and Alberta now resides in Oro-Medonte Ontario

Everyday should start with an enzo. This one proceeds with a gesture
and ends up on a birch panel 24"by24" with acrylics and gild.

This is my impression of covid19, confinement, restrictions and uncertainty!

People with covid during their last days; denied visitors.

Portraits are the hardest. Lots of layers to give that "look" in acrylics 20"by16" on canvas

Gilding is one of my new medium. I keep a distressed look.
A 12"by16" piece manages to light up a wall

Sculpting outside on the porch, dust blowing the dust away
and behold a 5"by6" jade soapstone rabbit!